We feed our communities: our families, friends and neighbors. As a leading grocery wholesaler, countless people rely on us to provide the essential food products that nourish them. Our fulfillment hinges on this vital mission.
We Deliver® is not just a tagline, it's a promise. A promise to always deliver our best in value, integrity, and results.
The primary color palette is inspired by hues that appear in the kitchen, with warm reds, stainless steel grays, and chef whites.
New brand photography is reflective of the energy that drives the company and all of our activities. The photographic style is simple, direct, and authentic to best express the essence of who we are to our outside audiences. Photos use single-focus compositions that feel natural and un-staged.
Graphic elements
A 55 degree angle is used throughout the brand graphic elements. The angle mimics the angle of the SUPERVALU® V and simply reinforces the familiar shape. On its own, the angle creates interesting graphic lines, shapes, backgrounds, and color or photo containers.

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