The Smartbuild logo conveys the notion of a premiere, panelized building system through the use of interlocking elements that form the shape of a building and the letter S for Smartbuild.
Color and type
The color palette is inspired by fresh blue skies and bright botanicals found in nature, emphasizing the product’s exceptionally energy-efficient advantages. 
Smartbuild has three brand fonts. The serif typeface lends a natural touch, while the sans serif typefaces are designed for both impact in headlines and functionality everywhere else.
Visual elements 
The grid-in-leaf-silhouettes and plant illustrations are Smartbuild's most unique and complimentary brand design elements. The visual style combines natural botanicals with an architectural element to convey the brand’s commitment to addressing housing and environmental needs. In design, these brand motifs can be used separately with photography or UI elements, or layered together.

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